is to equip Tennesseans and their public officials to effectively promote and defend a culture that values God’s design for marriage, the family, life, and religious liberty for the common good.


that healthy families and communities come about when basic values from the Bible are embraced and upheld. Even those who may not believe everything in the Bible have found it hard to overlook its long track record of providing a foundation for stable societies. Neglecting commonsense biblical values contributes to many of our nation’s current ills like crime, disease, divorce, “unwanted” pregnancies, teen suicide, and academic failure.


include respect for marriage and families, life, and religious liberty. When the government protects these time-tested values, they, in turn, protect the family. We believe churches, families, and individuals are best equipped to foster these values. And we believe that government should not work against them. Our desire is to provide educational resources for each of these to function in their respective areas of responsibility.

We encourage you to check out the advocacy work that our partner, Family Action Council of Tennessee, is doing through campaigns, targeted actions, and grassroots lobbying activities.

Did you know that there are currently 39 other nonprofit organizations in the United States that do the kind of work FACT does to help defend religious liberty and God’s design for the family and promote biblical principles relative to the family on a state level?


These organizations are collectively known as family policy councils. Though they each work independently and are not financially linked, as a whole, FPCs share a common goal.FACT works with these other family policy councils to prepare, promote, and defend pro-family legislation, communicate important issues from across our nation to pro-family constituents in Tennessee, and stand in agreement and celebrate victories with other FPCs that share Tennessee’s common goals.